General Contractor

The traditional method of construction delivery General Contracting, also refereed to as Design-Bid-Build, is less widely utilized today as it has been historically speaking. Under this construction delivery method Stier Construction provides services as prescribed in the design drawings and specifications (general conditions) which are created by an Architect.

If an owner chooses to utilize the Design-Bid-Build delivery method this would be setup in the following manner:

  • A separate contract between owner-architect and owner-contractor will be created.
  • Architect is hired directly by the owner upfront and prepares plans and specifications. Contractor is not involved in the design process.
  • Construction estimating during design and cost control during design is the responsibility of the Architect and/or the Owner.
  • Upon Drawing completion multiple general contractors competitively bid for the project (can consist of invited private bid or public bid).
  • The successful General Contractor (typically the low bidder) is awarded the work.
  • Construction monitoring services are the responsibility of the Architect.

Stier Construction’s services in a Design-Bid-Build delivery method include the following:

  • Construction of the project utilizing subcontractors and/or self performance of the work.
  • Onsite safety.
  • Means and methods to complete all work.
  • All necessary project support, equipment, and resources to complete work.
  • A guaranteed price and schedule based on the drawings and specifications.
  • Complete construction oversight and payment of subcontractors.
  • Warranty of the construction work.