Construction Management at Risk

The Construction Management (CM) at Risk process is often mistakenly referred to as the Design Build process, as it pulls together the design and construction team collectively from the project start to completion. Of all project delivery methods, this method of project delivery has gained the most popularity. The reason for this is it it combines the best of both the traditional design-bid-build and the design-build processes. Essentially in this arrangement the CM at Risk acts as the General Contractor and is responsible for all the subcontractors work with the owner and architect form project conception. Often times the CM at Risk is even hired to assist the owner in the selection of an architect.

If an owner chooses to utilize the CM at Risk delivery method this would be setup in the following manner:

  • The owner holds a contract with the architect and a contract with Stier Construction acting as the CM at Risk.
  • The architect works with Stier Construction to prepare plans, budgets, and specifications.
  • Stier Construction provides estimating and cost control during design to keep the project in budget.
  • Upon drawing completion Stier Construction competitively bids the design documents to multiple subcontractors.
  • A construction cost and schedule is prepared by Stier Construction.
  • Construction of the project will utilize subcontractors and self performance of Stier Construction’s skilled trade workers.
  • Complete construction oversight and payment of subcontractors is the responsibility of Stier Construction.
  • Warranty of the construction work is included.