Stier Construction, Inc. is a full service general contracting, construction management, and consulting firm. Approximately 70% of our total construction delivery volume is Design Build and CM at Risk, 15% Construction Management, 10% General Contracting and 5% Consulting.

Stier Construction, Inc. was founded in 2000 on the principle that direct involvement by the principal owners of the company is essential in each project it undertakes. Fairness, value, and integrity are put first in dealing with the client, architect, and subcontractors that we work with. These basic principles are the back bone of Stier Construction, Inc.

Our commitment to the owner is understood by all of our employees. They are as committed to this philosophy as the principal owners of this company are. Everyone understands that our clients are to be treated fairly and professionally at all times and that quality will always be second to none. This has led to greater job satisfaction and involvement for all of our employees, from our office staff, to our laborers in the field on the job site.

We are not striving to be the biggest, to have lots of employees, or to be all things to everyone. We simply want to be known as the best in the business and continue to choose the projects we want to do, with the clients we want to work with.